Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Écoutez à moi:
Anger lessons

10:55am, Art Room

"Siying!" I called. "5 minutes to recess." I stood up with Melody and we started to walk to the front... only to be seen by Mr Teo, our local panda bear.

"Oi! Where do you think you are going?" he asked, looking extremely annoyed with our class.

I exchanged a look with Melody. "We are going forward to... study the artwork," I lied smoothly. We shot a look at him, and once we were sure he wasn't looking, we slipped out the door to hear lots of "Oi!"s behind us. Our classmates are so cooperative.


03:12pm, outside school, walking to Compass Point

Cherie and Xiumin were walking not too far in front. I felt mildly irritated, and perhaps slightly intimidated as well, at the sight of the stupid junior. I wish Cherie would just buzz off.

The five of us (Cherie, Xiumin, Alixues, Priscilla and me) walked together in the end. Xiumin ignored me, and I didn't try to make conversation with her either. I'm beginning to understand what Alixues had meant when she said Xiumin doesn't think herself as part of us anymore.

I think Cherie delibrately walked with us. I supposed she wanted to flaunt her "relation"ship with Xiumin in front of me. Well, fuck off.

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Friday, January 09, 2004

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Waiting for the approaching weekend

9:40am, English lessons

I scanned through the essay Mr Mok had given to us and looked up curiously. What did he want us to do with these "model" essays?

Mr Mok explained to us the phrases which he thought were difficult. He asked the class, "... What are premontions? When do you get them?"

"When you're a Charmed One," I muttered under my breath to Siying. It's not my fault I am so into Charmed currently.


11:40am, Chemistry in the lab

"What ions are present in a blue solution?" Mr Tien questioned the class. A chorus of "Copper (II)" could be heard, soft at it was. The Chemistry teacher started doing experiments which we were to do next week.

Just then there was a noise at the side of the counter (the class was surrounding the counter at the front of the lab). All curious heads turned over.

"Teng Siang like playing with rubber so much," Mr Tien remarked, making it sound like a statement rather than a question. There was some sniggering in the classroom.

"It must be because of something he did during the holidays," a student called out. Which lead us to thinking him and condoms (since they were made of rubber)...


01:33pm, 2 minutes before lunch ended

I hurried into the classroom, hoping Miss Tong wouldn't be there yet. I felt slightly relieved, then remembered the stack of papers Mr Seah, our Social Studies teacher, gave to me to return to the class. Sighing, I took the papers grudgingly from my desk and started giving them back.

I was at Sebastian's table when I saw my ex-classmates dispersing. Tong Ming saw me and went "eee". Frankly speaking, I cannot believe he still isn't over it. Goes to show what a childish brat he was, and still is. I detest him so much now, you wouldn't believe how much. Of course I was a little hurt, but mostly angry.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Écoutez à moi:

11:33am, Geography period with Mrs Lam

"Mrs Kang went to give birth huh?" Siying asked me the next day out of boredom. I snapped out of my reverie and glanced at her.

"She's on maternity leave," I replied, restraining myself from saying 'duh'. My hand was propped up to support my suddenly heavy head.

"Lucky her," she muttered. "I want to take leave from school too."

I grinned suddenly. "Why don't you get someone to screw you?" I kidded.

Siying rolled her eyes. "Don't be pervertic."


Earlier on, our new Physical Education teacher was telling us how the school is depending on our O-Level Reults for PSLE take-ins next year. Mr Ng talked for a whole period, and we began wondering if he was a P.E. teacher. I was so bored that I started counting the pasted paper stars on the wall of our hall (31 blue stars; 14 yellow stars; 3 green stars). The leftover period was used for jumping sideways and I have to thank him for making my already swollen ankle hurt like hell.


11:55am, still in Geography

"Are you doing titration at the back?" Mrs Lam asked Boon Peng. Heads turned behind curiously to look at the boy.

"How do you know it was titration?" a voice put in.

"I was a student once, my dear," the teacher replied dryly. "Although I received poor grades for my Sciences."

"No wonder you teach Humanities instead of Science," the student answered back in amusement.

"I only had C6 for my Physics," Mrs Lam told us. She was greeted with envious pairs of eyes. One of my classmates started to clap.

"At least you passed it," he pointed out. "We only had 3 passes in our class."


03:30pm, at Hougang Mall

I hobbled alongside Priscilla, my foot still hurting like hell. "Are you hungry?" I asked her. "We still have some time before five (she has to go home by then)."

She sighed. "I only have two dollars," she said, then brightened. "Let's eat in McDonald's. The Fillet-O-Fish costs only $1.80."

I stared incredulously at her. "Are you trying to fatten me up?" I asked, making a face. "I have to take my height and weight soon (since I apparently skipped it today)."

We went ahead and ate in McDonald's anyway.

Afterwards, we went to Cheri Kids to buy a milk bottle.

"I feel so weird coming in," I complained, although it was my idea to enter the shop in the first place. We quickly made up our minds to get the milk bottle and headed to the counter to pay.

"People will think you are with child," Priscilla joked. I nodded solemnly.

"Aye, I am," I said with a grin. "Or I'm young at heart. Since I obviously still need a milk bottle."

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Écoutez à moi:
Meaningless days

` song: a thousand miles - vanessa carlton
` mood: bored

School is boring. Everything is boring. Nothing interesting ever happens around here. Except, yeah, I have to watch my weight.


"Okay class, I want you to make a word picture," Mr Mok told the class. He wrote the words, 'The storm was frightening.' on the whiteboard and said it was the theme. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculously lame title and when he told us to be grouped in fours. Such a simple task shouldn't need so many people to help along.

My partner, Siying (who was sitting beside me), glanced at me. "What about Wan Qian?" she asked. We both turned around simultaneously to look at my god-grandmother (who, unfortunately was sitting beside a boy from her class in year 2).

"Want to group with us?" Siying asked her, pointing out that "us" means her, Melody, Angela and me. "Five people should be alright."

Wan Qian, the god-grandmother-in-question, shook her head. "Never mind," she told us, somewhat subdued. "I'll go over there." She pointed to a group of three girls (who were also from her class in year 2).

I felt somewhat guilty for I very much doubted that she got along well with them. Siying told me not to worry since Wan Qian knew those girls. I sighed and turned back around.


When I got home, I found my father sleeping like a log. Feeling extremely disappointed that I was not home alone, I dropped my school bag onto the floor. Last night, I overheard him talking on the phone that he had been out of job of six months. I knew he was jobless, but six months? Has it been that long? He really should go for interviews, and stop asking Mother for cigarette money.

Halfway through my Additional Mathematics homework, he awoke and asked me if I wanted to go out to Compass Point, the mall around our neighbourhood. I gave him a pointed look, then glanced down at my homework. He got the idea and went himself, not after we had twenty minutes looking for his house keys, only to find he left it in his pockets. Bah.

Ooh, time for my everyday dosage of television. Write again tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Écoutez à moi:
Getting acquainted with Mathematics

` song: lonestar - norah jones
` mood: relieved

Who would have thought I actually enjoyed Mathematics? And Additional Mathematics, nonetheless.

I just finished studying for my A. Mathematics test on Thursday. There is quite a large chunk I don't quite understand, but still. I practically taught myself the whole chapter! I really ought to do more homework.

Today, I had five periods of Art lesson. Big yawn, it was. We stayed in the classroom for three periods where he explained to us about the 'O' levels, which, I assure you, he has done so in the past year. We finally got to the art room at around 10am, doing nothing. Mr Teo did give us papers for us to write down our ideas after brainstorming them. From what I see, no one was doing that. My table was taking turns drawing on the paper. We drew quite a few gory things. Some of them made me really surprised.

At about 10.50am, Mr Ng, our principal, and Mr Lee, our discipline master, came to the art room with a whole group of principals from China. One of them came over to talk to our table. I had an inkling she thought we weren't taught Chinese, because we were not answering her questions, which were spoken in Chinese (duh).

Nothing much happened otherwise.

P.S I better not eat these few days - they are taking our height and weight on Thursday. Gleep.

P.P.S Oh no. Will be seeing Mr Mok for 5 periods tomorrow.

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Écoutez à moi:
New year, new beginnings

` song: would not come - alanis morissette
` mood: neutral

The first week of 2004. The first day of 2004.

I feel so accomplished.

Actually, no, not really. I came back from school, exhausted. Got called on by my English teacher, Mr Mok, twice. Nearly fell asleep during Chinese and Physics. Yeap. Great day.

Chemistry today was... interesting. Mr Tien was telling us about the orientation camp last Saturday (03 January). The NPCC cadets were doing "field cooking". One of them carelessly placed a lighter near the fire and the flames melted it. From what I remembered, it exploded. Fortunately the girl was quick enough to cover her eyes, or she would have been blind already. (This reminds me to check out the school field tomorrow.)

Alixues went home with me and Priscilla today. We met Cherie and Xiu in the library. Cherie didn't say anything to me, so my guess is Xiu told her not to say anymore. I'm partly relieved, but partly hurt that she didn't return my message on MSN yesterday.

The three of us went to Kentucky to have lunch. While we were there, I bumped into my dear old juniors from 1 2Fortitude today. Quite surprised, really. I thought their favourite eating place was Captain Cook. Anyway, Alixues asked me to join the singing competition this year. I think I was too shocked or something, because I bit my lip. It still hurts now.

Which reminds me, we have no choir! I'm delirious. Alixues told me Miss Tong said that our choir instructor, Wu Jie, had quit. That means we will not have choir until they find her teacher. YES!

Perhaps 2004 won't be a bad year after all.

P.S By the way, ------ said 'Hi' to me. I was rendered speechless. He was acting civilised to me!

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